March 2009

Dublin: Demo against the imprisonment of Maura


On Saturday there will be a demo against the imprisonment of Shell to Sea activist Maura Harrington. Accused of assaulting a cop, Maura has worked tirelessly, with many other, in making a stand against the State, and one of the worlds largest corporation Royal Dutch Shell. Acting in defense of a local community, and seeking to ensure that our resources are put to better use than the profits of a few rich individuals, Maura is being targetted, again like many others because their activism is effective.

Successful Black Panther meeting in Belfast


Over 50 people packed the Gallery Room in the An Culturlann on the Falls Road last Tuesday evening to listen to a speech delivered by the Anarchist Panther Ashanti Alston.

Feedback on the 2009 anarchist bookfair from attendees


Around 1000 people attended the 2009 Dublin anarchist bookfair in Liberty hall.  The audio file was recorded at the Seomra Spraoi social after the bookfair. In it 25 people give their impressions of the day.



What people think of the Dublin Anarchist Bookfair by Workers Solidarity on Mixcloud


What is anarchism audio


The 'What is anarchism' session from the 2009 Dublin anarchist bookfair.

This 'What is anarchism' session was recorded using my backup gear, this along with the fact that it happened in a cordened off area of the bar meant the audio is unclear at times and in editing I had to remove a couple of contributions which could not be understood above the background noise.


What is Anarchism - DABF 2009 by Workers Solidarity on Mixcloud


Martha Ackelsburg on the Mujeres Libres audio


Martha is a US anarchist feminist and author of the classic anarchist text 'Free women of Spain'. In her talk at the 2009 Dublin anarchist bookfair she discusses Mujures Libres, the movement of revolutionary anarchist women that arose during the Spanish revolution of 1936.


Martha Ackelsburg - anarchist feminist on Mujeres Libres / Free Women of the Spanish Revolution by Workers Solidarity on Mixcloud


Left Unity? What sort of Left should we be trying to build? audio


This is the audio recording of one of the first morning meetings at the 2009 Dublin anarchist bookfair 'Left Unity? What sort of Left should we be trying to build?' It was a debate between the WSM & ISN. There are contributions from the floor from "People before Profit' and the 'International Bolshevik Tedency'.


'Left Unity? What sort of Left should we be trying to build? - DABF 2009 with WSM & ISN by Workers Solidarity on Mixcloud


Palestine & womens rights audio


This audio is of the session at the 2009 Dublin anarchist bookfair organised by the Irish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign. The speaker is Nidal Saadeh, a leftist Palestinian activist from Bethlehem in the West Bank.


Palestine & womens rights - a Bethlehem women speaks at DABF 2009 by Workers Solidarity on Mixcloud


Organising The Fightback- audio


This is an audio recording of the '‘Organising The Fightback’' meeting at the 2009 Dublin anarchist bookfair. There were three speakers at the meeting, Gregor Kerr a WSM (and INTO) member, an Executive member of the Civil and Public Services Union (CPSU) and a representative of the Free Education for Everyone (FEE) Campaign.

Organising the Fightback - student & workers perspective from Ireland in 2009 by Workers Solidarity on Mixcloud

Ex Black Panther Ashanti Alston audio


Ashanti Alston is a former member of the Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army member told us about his experiences, the lessons he draws from them and what he thought of revolutionary politics in Ireland at the 2009 Dublin anarchists bookfair.


My experience in the Black Panther Party - anarchist Ashanti Alston at the Dublin Anarchist Bookfair by Workers Solidarity on Mixcloud


Workers Solidarity 108


March - April 2009 Edition of the Workers Solidarity freesheet.

Workers Solidarity Movement hosts its first 'dayschool' in Belfast


The need to agitate, organise and educate was the key message emerging from the recent Belfast Anarchist ‘Day School’.

To Working Men and Working Women


Listen to me. For twenty-five years, the most intelligent and devoted of men have dedicated their lives to the defence of our holy cause. In their writings, speeches, reports, memoirs, investigations and statistics, they have pointed out, affirmed and demonstrated to the Government and to the wealthy that the working class is, in the present state of things, materially and morally placed in an intolerable condition of poverty and suffering

Dublin: Stanley Aronowitz to speak on Popular Education


Stanley Aronowitz to speak on "Popular Education in a time of struggle" on March the 29th at 3 pm in
Seomra Spraoi (10 Belvedere Court)

Belfast: Subway protest



6-8 Great Victoria Street,


12.30 – 1.30 pm Friday March 27th 2009

Dublin: Act for Justice - Financial Fools Day!


Call to Action from Bloom: Movement for Global Justice and the Seomra Spraoi Collective
Act for Justice on Wednesday, April 1st at 1pm - It's Financial Fools Day!

March 30th strike called off - Employers retreat but ICTU talks are not a victory


That the very threat of a national strike was enough to force government and IBEC to change their position demonstrates the power the working class holds when we threaten to withdraw our labour. For all the media attempts to convince us we are powerless and that class struggle is a thing of the past when faced with the reality of the organised working class standing up both bosses and state were keen to avoid any confrontation that could illustrate and encourage our collective power.

Reports from Maura Harrington Mountjoy protests


Maura Harrington of Shell to Sea has been in Mountjoy prison for the last weeks, serving a 30 day sentence for supposadely assaulting a Gardai, WSM members have been taking part in solidarity protests outside the prison. Here we reproduce extracts from the blog of one WSM member who has attended some of these protest.

Burn a Banker- legitimate class anger?


"We are angry that rich people, like him, are paying themselves a huge amount of money, and living in luxury, while ordinary people are made unemployed, destitute and homeless. This is a crime. Bank bosses should be jailed. This is just the beginning."

(Statement released by the anonymous group behind the attack.)

Belfast: Picket Subway - Day of Action


"Campaign in Defence of Sacked pregnant Subway Worker

Natalia Szymanska, a 19 year old polish woman, was sacked from Subway Belfast during her fifth month of pregancy on a dubious charge of being in breach of the company's health and safety policy.

Despiet repeated attempts by the Trades Council to engage with this employer to resolve the issue the employer remains intransigent.

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