March 2011

Dub: Hunger-striking migrant workers in Greece solidarity protest



300 immigrants are on their 45th day of hunger strike in Greece. Thursday 10th of March Workers Solidarity Movement organising a protest at the end of the pedestrianised part of Grafton Street Dublin 2, in front of the Molly Malone statue at 17.00 SHARP in solidarity with their struggle for legalisation.. Please show us your support by attending and/or spreading the word around.

Greek migrant hunger strike ends in victory


Yesterday (Wednesday 9th March) the hunger strike of 300 migrants in Greece ended in victory after key concessions were made by the Greek government. The 300 undocumented migrants, who lived and worked in Greece for years, usually at a fraction of the minimum wage, had been on hunger strike for 44 days, after being told that, due to the economic crisis, they were no longer wanted and must either leave voluntarily or be deported.

International Women's Day 2011 Celebrations in Cork


'Celebrate Revolutionary Women' banner on display outside Solidarity BooksTuesday March 8th was International Women's Day, and to celebrate it Cork WSM and several other organisations in the city organised a number of events in various locations. Ahead of the day on Saturday and Sunday, the Cork Sexual Violence Centre in Camden Quay and the Women's Studies Department of UCC respectively held celebratory events. On the day itself, events marking it were held around the city.

UK set to Strike in Response to Pension reforms/raid


After the neo-liberal economic model/fantasy hit some black ice on the motorway of progress, and went hurtling over the crash barrier, there have been all sorts of attempts to get working people to pay cash to get this baby back on the road.   Therefore various jam jars of money are being raided to re-invigorate the beast. In the UK, the attention of Lord Hutton, the former Labour pension’s secretary has been focused on Public sector pensions. 

EU leaders set to launch further attacks on wages & pensions


The heads of government from around Europe are meeting today to agree a further program of attacks on the wages and conditions of workers across Europe in order to pay for the international capitalist crisis. In a process driven by the core economies of France and Germany under the title of a 'Competitiveness Pact' wages are to be 'restrained' and pension ages are to be raised across Europe.

Kenny and Gilmore merely Puppets On A String of wealthy 1%


Despite appalling weather conditions, members of the 1% Network gathered outside the Central Bank in Dublin’s Dame Street on Thursday evening (10th March) to highlight the fact that, despite the change in government the wealthy 1% still “pull the strings”.

The evening’s events began with a symbolic sealing off of the Central Bank with crime scene tape.  This was done to highlight the fact that it is “a symbol of no-regulation capitalism and unbridled greed,” said Brian Leeson, 1% Network spokesperson. 

Does the Green Party have a Future?


Eamonn Ryan was recently on the radio speaking against nuclear power, responding to a pro nuclear expert who had been given airtime to promote it on RTE the previous day. Eamonn was reasoned, logical, persuasive. Then the texts were read out a string of bile aimed at him and his party along the lines of "the people have spoken why are you interviewing this has been" etc. No real reference to the arguments or issues.

Port Worker Facing Court Over 2009 Strike – Join the Solidarity Protest


In 2009, a group of workers in Dublin Port fought an 8-month long strike against forced redundancies and pay cuts.  The workers and their local community showed bravery and determination in what was a difficult struggle.  Their employer, Marine Terminals Ltd. (MTL), was eventually forced to come to an agreement with the strikers.

The 1% are doing all right - Irish rich now much richer


The richest 300 people in Ireland are now worth 57 billion, almost as much as the entire IMF /ECB bailout. What's more, when the rest of us saw our take home pay fall massively in the last year they got 13% or 6.7 billion euro richer. Which hasn't stopped them demanding pay cuts for the rest of us.

Recent post-revolution detentions and torture inside Eygpt - An interview with Nazly Hussien


Mark Malone speaks to Nazly Hussein about recent detentions and torture, much of it within the Egyptian National Museum just off Tahrir Square, Cairo.  Whilst the world's eye has moved to Libya, the army has attempted to squash down the demands of Egypts revolutionaries via violence and military courts

Protest held at "Courts of Justice" in support of MTL striker facing charges for "Floating Picket" in 2009


Around 100 people demonstrated at the “Courts of Justice” in Parkgate St. in Dublin this morning (16/3/11) in support of Gerard McDonnell, who is facing charges in relation to a “floating picket” in Dublin port in 2009 during the drawn out strike at MRL. The case was adjourned until April 1st as the book of evidence was not ready, despite, as the defence solicitor pointed out, over 18 months having elapsed since the alleged offences.

Burger Bosses want to pay workers less


The Fast Food bosses are attempting to pay their workers less, with a case which has commenced in the High Court today. [16th March 2011].  The poorly paid have often and continue to work in the food service industry.  Low wages are usually the order of the day for those who work for the fast food merchants.  But apparently in these times of austerity the owners of the junk food franchises(Subway, Abrakebabra, Bagel Factory, Burger King, Eddie Rocket’s, Supermac’s)  see an opportunity to turn the screw even further on their workers and it is for that reason that they are in the High Court.

UN Resolution imposes "unprecedented" No Fly Zone on Gaddafi


Last night the United Nations imposed a no-fly zone across Libya.  While supporting the Libyan revolt the WSM in general is "against the intervention by the UN or any other collection of imperialist 'peacekeepers'" because "There can be no 'just settlement' that involves any imperialist power or the UN or similar bodies. Such settlements will be designed in order to protect the interests of the imperialists. Therefore we always oppose intervention in any region of the world for whatever reason by the imperialists."  The imposition of the no fly zone is obviously a tough case for such a general policy, below in what was originally a blog post for his own site, Mark looks at the context of the resolution and argues that the no fly zone should perhaps be an exception to this general position.

Dub: Cancelled - Challenge the Shell Lies - protest at RDS conference


With the already intense pressure on Shell this week over the consents signed by Pat Carey on his last day in office, see this event has been postponed by the organisers. Shell to Sea are therefore calling off the protest. Thanks to everyone who helped build for it

Challenge the Shell Lies - Join the Dublin Shell to Sea protest 6pm Thursday 24th March, Main Gate RDS, Merrion road.

Next Thursday 24th March Shell E&P Ireland Managing Director Terry Nolan will address a conference entitled 'Securing Ireland's Energy Needs' at the Minvera suite RDS, just inside the Main Gate on Merrion Road.

An Interview with Mohamed Abdelfattah from Alexandria


Mark Malone interviews Egyptian activist Mohamed Abdelfattah about the role of social media, the changing relationship between police, army and people and the growing role of workers movement in Egypt.

Riots rock Christmas Island


Christmas Island off the Western Australian is still reeling from last weeks insurrection from ‘asylum seekers’ at the islands detention centre. The breakouts were followed by three overnight riots at the centre in which accommodation tents and small buildings were burnt down as police fired tear gas and "bean-bag" bullets to quell rock-throwing rioters.

Belfast March against Cuts



Congress says NO to unfair and unnecessary cuts which are damaging services and costing thousands of jobs.
Join with your communities and the trade union movement in our protest against the Westminster and Stormont austerity policies in Belfast on 26th March 2011

Dub: Gluaiseacht Skill Share Weekend


WSM will be hosting a workshop on 'Organising inside, outside and around work' as part of the Gluaiseacht Skill Share Weekend.  That sessions is at 14.00 on Saturday, the full program for the weekend is below.

Dub: Knowledge Exchange - Free Lectures on Hacktivism and more!


Knowledge is an open collective group that aims to bring education and learning to everyone.

To help breakthrough these obstacles and open learning to everyone Knowledge proposes to run seasons of free public lectures. These short courses will be presented by lecturers who are already well versed in the given area. There are no barriers to taking part and the lectures will be free form, shaped as much by those who come as by the those giving them.

Dublin Mayday March


Dublin Council of Trade Unions

Mayday March 2011

Sunday 1st May


Parnell square

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