February 2012

Cork: Veg out! @solidarity books this Tuesday at 7pm - all donations to CAHWT


We had a mad mardi gras, lots of banana pancakes. We're now officially in the season of Lent. We're not into giving 'bad' things up, but we are in favor of taking 'good' things on. If you feel like you need to participate then why not start to eat well and look after your community by coming along this Tuesday, from 7pm till 9pm, and join us in a home-made meal (sweets, teas and coffees too if you like) for only five euros (or whatever you can pay/swap/donate). The money collected will go to supporting the Campaign Against Household and Water Tax. 

ECB gives banks 6,250 years worth of Household Tax

Today the European Central Bank (ECB) gave out 530 billion euros in 3-year term loans to the private banks of the Eurozone. Together with the 490 billion they doled out last December, that's over 1 trillion euros. If pigs could fly and politicians never lied and every household in the country was magically able to pay the hated Household Tax, the total receipt would be 160 million euro. At that rate, it would take 6,250 years to amount to 1 trillion. It would also take 20 years to amount to the 3.2 billion euros the state are handing over to the Anglo bondholders on the 31st March coming.

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