November 2013

Dublin Squatters Present: Squat's the Craic?


Seomra Spraoi will be hosting a night of film, food, music and other craic, brought to you by the Dublin Squatters this Friday.

According to the organisers: "This event will be an opportunity for people to come along and enjoy an evening full of propaganda, crafts, food from The People's Soup Kitchen and the launch of a new zine based on the experiences of squatters. It would be a good time to meet up and keep up with what's been going on in Dublin and a chance to get informed about the last threat of eviction and discover how you can get involved with and support squatting in Dublin!"

Belfast Telegraph poll shows Northern Ireland needs a change in politics


The recent Belfast Telegraph poll may have revealed cracks in the zero sum sectarian politics that dominates the political landscape in Northern Ireland but if there is anything that cannot be white washed away is the relevance of class.  While we see a reoccurring positive pattern of more liberal attitudes towards issues such as gay marriage and abortion rights as well as growing younger population tuned off by orange/green style of politics, religion still remains the main factor in voting for political parties, while the constitutional question is settled for a generation. (1)

Irish Anarchist Review no 8 - Autumn 2013


This issue of the Irish Anarchist Review, explores the idea of solidarity, beyond the workplace, as it extends to women in struggle, travellers, migrants and others. We look at how, solidarity and mutual aid, should involve, not just supporting the exploited and oppressed, but in assisting them in their struggles, and rather than presenting ourselves as saviors, with the solution to their problems, to listen and help amplify their voices as they work towards their own solutions.

All of IAR8 is now online and linked below.  You can access a high quality PDF on scribd, a lower quality PDF is embedded in this post at the bottom. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get notification when future editions are published.