Dub: Abortion Rights Campaign: Artists Talk


As part of the Abortion Rights Campaign 10 days of Action an artist's talk will be held in conversation, with Leszek Wolnik & Emma Campbell, who will be discussing their current exhibitions "10 weeks" at The Copperhouse Gallery. Daniel Jewesbury will facilitate the conversation. The talk will feature audio and written responses by the public to '10 weeks' and the artists welcome audience engagement and comment.

'10 weeks' is a response to the long standing practice of the ProLife campaign and movement of misappropriating and misusing language, images and symbols. 

Among the most potent examples of this are the silver and gold emblems or symbols depicting the life sized feet of a 10 week embryo, often worn as a pin or lapel badge.

Ironically, these feet were designated as the "International Pro-Life Symbol" at a world-wide symposium held in Dublin, Ireland in 1979. It is estimated that over 12 million of these emblems have been distributed in 30 countries.

Leszek has acquired the original wax casting moulds for the '10 weeks' pins that were made and distributed in Ireland and is featuring them as the centrepiece of an exhibition inviting oral and written responses to the misappropriation of the baby feet as symbols and emblems and consequent misuse as Prolife propaganda. 

The written responses will be showcased within the exhibition and archived on the '10weeks' website whilst the vocal responses will be accessible during the exhibition and on the '10 weeks' website archive afterwards.


The Copper House Gallery

St Kevin's Cottages

Synge Street

Dublin 8