After 2013 March for Choice UCD students vote for pro-choice position and massively reject anti-choice arguments


About a 1000 people took part in the annual March for Choice in Dublin on Saturday 28 September. Because there was an all island final on huge numbers of people saw the march through town and quite a few stopped to clap the march passing. The march was organised by the Abortion Rights Campaign

In the week that followed students in Ireland's biggest university UCD Dublin voted today for the following "UCDSU should adopt a policy of legalising abortion in Ireland upon request of the woman"

Only 8% voted for anti woman 'pro-life' position which was eliminated after the 1st count.

1st Count results
2527 votes cast
A.(X case legislation) 28% - 709
B.(fully pro choice) 45% - 1126
C.(pro-life) 8% - 206
D.(no stance) 19% - 486

WORDS & PHOTOS: @Andrew Flood

Shortly after Saturday's Pro Choice march the Abortion Support Network which helps women in Ireland travel to England reported they had their 1000th client and appealed for funds to help them in this important work.

We reproduce the appeal from ASN director Mara Clarke below followed by the link at which you can make a donation.

Dear Supporter,

As you might know, September 28th was the International Day to Decriminalise Abortion - maybe I even marched with you in Dublin on Sunday.

At ASN, we also marked a milestone this September: we heard from our 1000th client. Can you believe it?

I still vividly remember our very first client. Evelyn* was in her late thirties, with a young son, and had just escaped from an abusive relationship. She had moved to a new town and was starting to look for work when she found out she was pregnant by her abuser. With no friends or family to help, she didn’t know where to turn.

ASN was just starting out, but we were able to help with a grant of £200 and a place to stay so that Evelyn could get the abortion she needed.

Our 1,000th call was 17-year-old Katie. Despite having the support of two family members, both of whom we spoke to, she needed our help just as much. Thanks to donations from supporters like you, we were able to give her a grant of €290 so that she could continue with her education.

Sometimes it’s hard - really hard - to do the work that we do. But when I think of all the women and families that ASN have been able to help, I’m both overwhelmed and grateful. Grateful for our volunteers, who use their time, energy and skills for ASN, and grateful for you. We couldn’t help women without your donations - will you give £10 today?

Everyone at ASN can’t wait until a day when women who need abortions can get them in Ireland or Northern Ireland, without it being dependent on their raising £400-£2000, without needing to get on a plane or sell birthday presents or lie to their families to have a medical procedure that should be freely and locally available to them. But until that time, ASN will be here – with your help. I hope you will consider making a £10 donation today to help us keep going for the next woman who needs us – and all the women after that.

In gratitude,

Mara Clarke
Founder & Director, Abortion Support Network

PS: Last month, we heard from our 1,000th client - and thanks to the support of people like you, we were able to help her. If you can, please help the next woman who needs us with a donation of £10 today.


You can donate to the ASN at

* Names have been changed to protect our clients' privacy.