Bloody Sunday 40 Years On – March For Justice - press release


The Derry Anarchists and the Workers Solidarity Movement support the call for people to attend and support all Bloody Sunday commemorative events over the upcoming weekend, including the 'March for Justice' leaving Creggan shops at 2.30 pm on Sunday 29 January.We stand in solidarity with and salute the courage and dignity of all of the members the Bloody Sunday families and the Bloody Sunday Justice Campaign in their long struggle for justice and truth.

As anarchists we value direct democracy, accountability, openness and equal participation at all times and at all levels as paramount principles in bringing about a just and equal society. The right to- and the exercise of- free protest, is a key step on the road to achieving that society.

Bloody Sunday and the Widgery cover-up represent direct attacks intended to deny that right by terrorising working class people off the streets, killing innocents and quashing freedom of expression and assembly in the same process.

The Saville report has done little to safeguard the right to protest by holding those responsible for the massacre to account. Only those soldiers who fired were held to any kind of account, while their masters up the chain of command get away scott free. The lesson from this for states around the world is that they will not be held to account if they choose to terrorise legitimate protest off the streets.

We support and encourage all to attend the 'March for Justice' on Sunday, not because we wish to carry on a tradition or claim a mantle, but because we wish to stand with all who defy state terror and exercise the right to protest around the globe, from Toxteth to Tahrir square, from Belfast to Basra, and from Wall Street to Rangoon.

The 40th Bloody Sunday Anniversary ‘March for Justice’ will take place in Derry on Sunday 29th January. Assemble 2.30pm Creggan Shops, Derry.