Anarchy magazine No 6 - published 1970


Anarchy Magazine was an anarchist magazine published in London from the 1960s. It was originally published by Colin Ward. A second series was published in the 1970s and 1980s from London. Issue No 6 published in 1970 was largely given over to articles written by members of People's Democracy. The PDF file linked to here is a scan of that issue, we have also transcribed some of the articles.

We'd ask anyone who downloads the PDF to transcribe another of the articles from this issue and email it to us, that way we'd hope to get them all online.  Use the contact form at the top of the page to send it



The Belfast Police Mutiny, 1907
During the 1907 Dock strike in Belfast there was a police mutiny involving 70% of the Belfast police.  John Gray argues that "When we look at the 1907 Dock Strike in Belfast and the police mutiny of the same year simple myths begin to evaporate."

James Connolly, Irish Syndicalist

The People's Democracy : A brief history
This article gives a PD view of the history of the north from 1960 to 1970 including the formation of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association (NICRA) and the origins of People's Democracy.

Crumlin jails from the inside

The great cement strike

Book reviews
Church and state in modern Ireland
The blue shirts

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