Launch of 'The Lost Revolution' - audio


September 10th saw the launch in Dublin of a new history of the Offical IRA and the Workers Party called ‘The Lost Revolution’ by Brian Hanley and Scott Miller. Over 250 people including many ex and current members of the Workers Party as well as members of just about every other left and republican group crammed into the hall for the launch. This is an audio recording of the introduction to the book given by Diarmaid Ferriter followed by each of the authors speaking about the book.

Lost Revolution - History of the Workers Party - launch in Dublin by Andrew Flood on Mixcloud

The notes below are a brief summary of some of the areas talked about by the speakers.

*Diarmaid Ferriter, Chair of Modern History UCD
Terrific atmosphere in here, a testament to the commitment people have had to change Ireland.

*We are living in difficult times.

The authors have managed to untangle the web of the Official IRA and Workers Party from late 60's on

*10 years after the border campaign Mick Ryan after a national tour of the IRA said 'there is no movement', Cathal Goulding replied "there is a fucking movement", the authors suggest these sort of frank exchanges were needed to rejuvenate movement.

*The book transmits the sense of being part of a worldwide movement in 1968, on the verge of profound change.

*Book is a reminder of the lost opportunities of those years. A tremendous sadness in the book about the violence and feuds of 1970's.

*It covers the debate about waging a 'clean war', was this ever a possibility or was it just an excuse.

*The Aldershot bombing and 'mistakes'.

*The drowning out of the intellectual debates in the sound of gunfire.

*Much of what was said then now sounds absurd
the Provisional v Official feud of October 75 that left 11 dead and over 50 injured.

*Seamus Costello and the EU referendum.

*The emergence of SFWP after 1977 and the influence on the unions.

*The continuing activities of 'Group B'.

* Eoghan Harris and 'attempts to change the script'.

*The 1989 election and the 'breadth of fresh air'.

*Being on the verge of a new left alliance.

*The continuance of 'special activities'.

*Journalists doing their job.

*An attention to detail that never becomes overbearing.

Brian Hanley, author
It was humbling to be welcomed into the homes of people we had never met before who were willing to share documents and memories. I hope we have done justice to their story. There is a tendency to sneer at the Irish left as headbangers - I hope no one comes away from our book thinking these people were mad

Scott Miller, author
Thanked particular people in the audience whose lives are tied into the republican movement
Lost Revolution was written as a narrative, not a critique
Sean Garland lives under fear of extradition to USA on very dubious charges, he wants to live out his old age in peace in his own land.

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