Author launching Revolution in Rojava across Ireland - Cork, Dublin, Cavan, Dungannon, Belfast


Next week sees an exciting speaking tour around Ireland when author Ercan Ayboga who spoke at the Dublin anarchist bookfair will be launching  “Revolution in Rojava.”  Dublin WSM has been running a reading group* on this book over the last month and we highly recommend it as an account of the nuts & bolts of the Rojava revolution essential to anyone who wants to transform the world.

Cork: O’Rahilly Building (ORB 132), UCC, 12th December, 6pm

Dublin: Connolly Book (43 East Essex Street, Dublin 2), 13th December, 6pm
Cavan: Bridge Street Centre, Bridge Street, 14th December, 6,30pm
Dungannon: Éalú Centre, Shamble Lane, 15th December @ 6:30pm
Belfast: Just Books (22 Berry Street, Belfast, BT1 1FJ), 19th December @ 6:30pm

Book Launch: “Revolution in Rojava” by Michael Knapp, Anja Flach and Ercan Ayboga (Pluto Press, 2016)

Invited speaker: Ercan Ayboga, co-author of “Revolution in Rojava”

We are pleased to invite you to the launch of “Revolution in Rojava”, an eye-witness account on the experience of creating a bottom up social order which actively challenges all forms of oppression and exploitation. The struggle in Rojava (a mostly Kurdish region north of Syria), despite the extent of counterrevolutionary and imperialist forces aligned against it, continues to nurture an autonomous, grassroots resistance across its multiply ethno-religious communities. The book describes in detail the experiences of the participants, the social and ideological evolution of the popular struggle, and most importantly, the attempt, in the most adverse circumstances imaginable, to nurture horizontalist social structures that make tangible an inclusive and participatory society, based on radical democracy and a cooperative economy.

We will have the opportunity to discuss the contents of the book and the unspeakable violence faced by the Kurdish liberation movement with Ercan Ayboga, a political and environmental activist, co-author of this indispensable guide to understand one of the most important movements in the Middle East, as crucial as it is misunderstood.

All welcome. Books will be available for sale.

“Surrounded by enemies including ISIS and hostile Turkish forces, the people of Syria’s northern Rojava region are carving out one of the most radically progressive societies on the planet. Visitors have been astounded by the success of their project, a communally organised democracy which considers women’s equality indispensable and rejects reactionary nationalist ideology while being fiercely anti-capitalist.

The people of Rojava call their new system democratic confederalism. It boasts gender quotas of 40%, bottom-up democratic structures, deep-reaching ecological policies and a self-defence capacity which is keeping ISIS from the gates”.

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