Belfast: Direct Action gets the Goods!

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Belfast WSM, along with members of Organise!, trade union activists and other left groups as well as workers from Delaney's itself, took part in successful pickets outside Delaney's restaurant on Thursday and Saturday.

The picket was organised by the Belfast Congress of Trade Unions after a young Slovakian woman, Dasa Kacova, was sacked on the spot from Delaney’s restaurant in Belfast city centre in January for asking why she had to take her jumper off at work.

After initially refusing to meet with the migrant worker or her trade union officials to justify the dismissal, and despite repeated threats made by the owner Laurence Delaney to those on the picket line on Saturday, he finally caved into the demands for a reimbursement her for loss of earnings and for outstanding holiday entitlement and even offered her job back but was refused. Belfast WSM will continue to build a culture of resistance and solidarity in the workplace against the exploitation of all workers.

Who said direct action doesn’t work?