Belfast Rally for Choice 2016 - July 2nd


Monday night in Derry three women, Diana King, Colette Devlin, and Kitty O'Kane handed themselves into a Police Station admitting to helping women and other pregnant people access the abortion pill through supplying it. These three courageous women have risked their freedom so that never again will women be made criminals of by having an abortion.

After a lifetime's worth of dealing with the oppressive force of this law they decided that enough was enough and the state must be confronted; the law must be made a mockery of by highlighting that it is broken all the time.

This is a major step in the fight for abortion rights. While the real enemy is the state we cannot forget that a closer danger exists in the form of anti-choice organisations such as Precious Life, Youth Defense and of course the Church.

This year we will not allow people who think that we are nothing more than vessels to dominate our streets. We will not allow people who think that we should be sent to jail for having an abortion take up Belfast City Centre with their fascist ideology.

We are calling on all pro-choice people in Ireland to join us.

Their numbers last year were close to 10,000 we can beat that. We CAN get more than 10,000 people onto the streets of Belfast who believe that people who have abortions shouldn't be sent to jail.

We've had elections this year north and south of the border, more pro-choice politicians were returned, but it's still not enough. This demand is bigger than any ballot box and it is now up to us to take what they are withholding from us.

Join us to counter the lies. Join us to rally for choice.

We will take to the streets on the 2nd of July in Belfast. The Rally for Life will not go ahead as scheduled, will you make the Rally for Choice count?

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In Dublin?
We are running subsidised bus from Dublin to the Rally for Choice.  If you can't go but would like to make am donation to allow us to make a further reduction for people on low/no incomes let us know too.