Belfast - A Working Class Journey from War to 'Peace' interview with Davy Carlin

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A conversation with WSM member Davy Carlin, from his early childhood growing up in the Ballymurphy housing estate in the midst of an ‘Irish War’ to community politics. Davy also reflects on his involvement in struggles to date from anti-racism, workplace organising and organisations from the Socialist Workers Party to Organise! Finally, we touch upon the politics of anarchism and his hope for the future.

Part 1 - Growing up in Ballymurphy, early experiences of racism from British army, poverty & community spirit, state brutality, riots & republicanism.
Part 2 - Moving to Twinbrook, plastic bullets, overcrowding, death of Bobby Sands, school, education and the trauma of the war, moving on & getting work, first contact with protestants, union activity, sectarianism, racism & class politics, and joining the SWP.
Part 3 - Socialist Workers Party and problems of top down leadership, Anti-Racist Network, Street Scene, Organise!, Workers Solidarity Movement and what anarchism is about.

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