Chilean Timber Workers Union wins 52% wage rise

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The Building and Wood Workers’ International reported, earlier this summer, the end of a strike of more than 7,000 workers against CAC – the largest forestry and pulp producing company in Chile.

The Chilean Timber Workers Union won a raise in wages of 12% for the highest earners and a 52% rise for the lowest earners. All other demands had been met prior to the strike, which was called in response to the company's offer of a 5% raise.

In Ireland, 20 years of ‘social partnership’ deals have left us with a wage rise that is below the inflation rate, in reality a pay cut. The lesson seems to be: if you fight you may not always win, but if you never fight you will never win.

This article is from Workers Solidarity 98, July/August 2007

PDF file of Workers Solidarity 98