Cork: Cinema Night - The End of Violence - Wim Wenders (1997) 8pm this Thursday @solidaritybooks


Join us Thursday Feb 9th at Solidarity Books for a screening of 'The End of Violence
Wim Wenders (1997)' (details of film below).

Start time is 8pm.

All welcome, donations appreciated.

The End of Violence Wim Wenders (1997)
Shot over a three week period in L.A., this rich and complex film concerns issues of alienation, surveillance, technology, media and invisibility. A film producer who has made a fortune from violent movies, has to disappear after a mysterious attempt on his life and is taken in by immigrant Mexican gardeners who enable him to see the dehumanising reality of his old life. Meanwhile a scientist is pressured by the CIA to precide over an Orwellian surveillance system overlooking the city.

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