Two climate activists hunger strike at Dail in election week


On Kildare street this week, two climate activists have been helping inject a taste of sober reality into a week filled with faux-politics and pantomime electioneering. Nils Sundermann and Phil Kearney began a five day hunger strike on Monday in an effort to draw attention to an issue, which whilst one of the most pressing of our times, has failed to make it into the election discussions in any serious way.

Today is the fourth day of the protest labelled ‘Hungry for Climate Action’, and both men are in high spirts. Mentioning the failure of the establishment and the media in action against climate change, Sundermann hopes that this will ‘set a precedent of direct action’ in the climate struggles coming down the line.

This evening the direct action group ‘Stop the Drill Campaign’ meet in Carrickfergus Co. Antrim in response to exploratory fracking drilling at near-by Woodburn Forest.

The failed Climate Conference in Paris a couple of months ago, and the failure of the Irish government and establishment parties signals clearly the need to build on this momentum of grassroots direct action against climate change and the capitalist system that creates and ensures it.

Solidarity to the hunger protesters.

Words: Sean Prior