Conversations about Anarchism - Belfast Weds 4th November


We are hoping to encourage lively, thought-provoking and articulate conversations surrounding the ideology as well as expanding on the knowledge of those attending. These are the points that we will be discussing:

What does anarchism stand for?
Why are anarchists against hierarchy and authority?
Why do anarchists reject the state in all forms?
What do anarchists suggest as an alternative to the state?

19.00 Nov 4th at the 
Réalta Civic and Social Space
48 King Street, BT1 6AD Belfast.

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There will be plenty of tea and biccies as well as some background music so get your requests in now!

Please note that you do not in anyway need to be aware of the points to be discussed or even of the ideology itself as we are all there to learn more about the subject and to discuss ways to put the theory into practice.

All are welcome to join and we will maintain a safe-space policy and if anyone acts in a way that is threatening or insulting to others you will be asked to leave, so in short, be sound!