Cork: Government Tax Put In The Bin!


In Cork the mobilisation for the National Day of Action against the Household and Water Tax saw a lively and noisy crowd of over 500 hundred march through the centre of Cork City.  At the rally beforehand members from some of the local areas involved in the Campaign in Cork took advantage of the open mic forum to explain why they opposed the tax.  Speakers from Farranree, Bishopstown and Cobh declared their intention not to register or pay the tax.  The fact that the tax is unjust and will rise sharply in a short period of time was highlighted.  It was also pointed out that the proposed Water Tax which will follow shortly on the heels of the Household Tax is also a major threat.  The proposed Water Tax in itself will be a major burden and one that will hit the majority households harshly.

Following these speeches a public ‘Bin the Government Leaflet’ took place as members of the campaign dumped their Government provided leaflets into a purple wheelie bin.  This act of was met with rousing applause and cheers from the crowd.

The message of Saturday’s mobilisation was about the need for all activists in the Campaign to spread the word about non-registration and about the injustice of the tax.  People were urged to talk to family, neighbours and work colleagues and to convince them of the need to make a stand.  It is more important than ever to convince people to get involved and become active in the campaign.