Cork Smash the Budget protest


Cork city Smash the Budget protest. Meet 5pm Patricks bridge Wednesday December 8th

When: (This) Wednesday at 5 pmWhere: Assemble at Patrick's Bridge, Cork
What To Do: Spread the word. Bring your friends, work mates and neighbours. Bring placards, noise and banners. All welcome.

The opposition to Budget 2010 will take its first major step in Cork on Wed 8th. A mobilisation against the Government and the IMF/ ECB has been called by the Independent Workers Union. Called ‘SMASH THE BUDGET’, the protest is being supported by a broad range of political organisations in the city including Workers Solidarity Movement (see accompanying leaflet), Workers Party, Socialist Party, eirigí, Communist Party of Ireland, Sinn Féin, SWP and many others.
The mobilisation will begin on Patrick’s Bridge at 5 pm. This assembly point has been chosen in honour of the massive pensioners’ march that took place there in October, 2008. This march against cuts medical card entitlements was a huge success and played a significant role in halting the Government’s plan to target the elderly.
Let’s do everything we can to repeat that victory. It’s time to stand up and fight! Please bring placards, banners, and noise. Bring your friends and work mates and neighbours.

Text Of WSM Leaflet:

This budget is an attack on all of us. The Government is looking after its friends once again. The “Bond Holders”, the ‘Bankers”, “the IMF”, “the Markets” will all get their money. WE ARE THE ONES WHO ARE GOING TO PAY!
Workers! Students! Pensioners! Unemployed! We are all going to be hit. The question is: HOW MUCH MORE ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE?
Join the protest and march to Smash The Budget on Dec 8th. Stand up and be counted. Be there and get your friends to be there. Together we are strong. Solidarity counts!

5 pm, Wednesday, Dec 8th
Called by the

Here Cork WSM member James Mc Barron outline whats happening at this event

James by Anarchist


Organised by Cork Against Austerity, an Independent Workers Union initiative