Cork: Spanish Revolution talk given by James O'Brien


This Tuesdays Winter Talk at Solidarity Books, 8pm! 02/11/10 Come learn about The Spanish Revolution with a talk given by James O' Brien!

The Spanish Revolution was a workers' social revolution which took
place at the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in 1936. It involved up
to 8 million people implementing anarchist and socialist forms of
societal organising where ideas such as direct democracy, meaningful
equality and workers direct control of the economy took place. It
remains as the closest attempt to realising a free, stateless and
inclusively empowering society than any other attempt in recent history.
James will give a broad picture of the forces at work in the revolution and how their ideas and actions were tested in struggle.

James O' Brien is an active member of the Workers Solidarity Movement and has widely spoke and written about the Spanish Revolution.