Day of Support at Bellanaboy sees mass tresspass at refinery

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The Shell to Sea Campaign organised a day of support on the 16th February at Bellanaboy to give people from around the country the opportunity to show their support and solidarity with the community of Erris in their struggle against Shell. After the official protest had ended around 100 people crossed the bog to gain access to the refinery and suceeed in halting work there.

Every morning, the residents of a small North Mayo community stand in protest at the attempts of shell to foce a high-powered gas pipeline through their area. they do this in the face of ongoing state harassment and violence.

This day of solidarity on February 16th allowed supporters and Shell to Sea campaigners from around the country to travel to Mayo to show solidarity with local campaigners.

Members of WSM traveled to Mayo to join this action.

See for details of the Shell to Sea Campaign