Democracy and Oligarchy - politics & definitions from Greece to Ireland


A good few words in the world originate from my mother tongue Greek. Nearly all words in Greek mean something. That helps me understand things better  when i interact with people in English plus it creates a sense of pride. In my opinion, specially in the last 100 years, the political systems, we all live in, have tried very hard to manipulate words and language. They constantly change the meaning of the words we are using, to either mean something completely diffrent to what their original real meaning was, or to make them soft, light and insignificant without power.

At this point i want to analyse the meaning and significance of 2 specific Greek words, Democracy and Oligarchy.

Democracy (δημοκρατία)= originates from 2 words combined, "Demos"(δήμος)= ( the total  of people hold full political rights) and "Cracy"(κράτος)=  (power).

Oligarchy (Ολιγαρχία)= orinates from 2 words combined τοο, Oligoi (Ολιγοι)= (A few) and Archy (αρχια) = ( authority).

I presume that the above give you an understanding of the  kind of  political systems we all live in.