Derry Public Sector Cuts: Workplace and Community Solidarity, Not Electoral Promises


As part of the forth coming series of strike actions next month by public sector workers across the north, trade unionists and community activists held solidarity march and rally in Derry today in an effort to highlight workers concerns. Speaker after speaker condemned continued attacks on working class communities by Stormont politicians united in their efforts to implement Tory Cuts ‘in the name of austerity’.

One final speaker, a Dublin based community activist engaged in the fight back South of the border, gave provoking examples of how working class communities their have rallied together, stood up and fought back on many different occasions over the past number of years, which in turn has inspired thousands to do the same.

If we are to learn anything from similar class struggles developing right across the length of Ireland or beyond these shores, that’s we can do it better ourselves as a class as another wave of industrial action gathers momentum.

For anarchists we are mindful that the only way forward is through open and unified workplace and community solidarity actions on the streets. Free from the agendas, constraints and endless false promises of politicians and those so-called ‘radical alternatives’ on the threshold of parliamentary elections.