Disco Disco squat in Dublin - occupied and evicted


On Sunday 13th July activists of Autonomous Community Spaces (ACS) entered 42 Parnell Square in central Dublin, a building which had been vacant for 11 years. They were violently evicted the following day. The extracts below from one of their press releases details what happened.

"The ACS spent the night cleaning the building, making plans to use it as a community resource centre (and soup kitchen for the homeless). An evening was planned to invite local residents to contribute their ideas for the use of the free space.

At 2:40pm on Monday the 14th three men arrived at the door shouting and threatening physical violence against those inside and outside the building. No I.D. was shown or papers served. They proceeded to smash a hole in the door with a sledgehammer and attack people inside with a crowbar. One occupant sustained serious head wounds and was later hospitalised. In serious fear for their lives, members of the collective inside and outside the building called the police.

The police arrived, unsure of the situation and aided the illegal eviction, arresting 2 members of the collective standing on the pavement. They ignored reports of the assault carried out by the unidentified men claiming to be the previous owners. Both arrestees were later released without charge. The police did not state the law under which they were evicting the occupants or threatening arrest. They ignored the fact that no proof of ownership was given by the 3 men who assaulted the occupants"

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