A Bigger Slice For Domino’s Staff

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The threat of strike action at Domino’s Pizzas in Naas saw SIPTU members secure substantial pay increases. A ban on overtime showed management that the workers were serious, when they voted to strike the bosses caved in and conceded a pay increase of 15% over 27 months. The union also won improved holiday and service leave arrangements.According to the union’s Kildare/Leixlip Assistant Branch Organiser, Frank Jones, “The dispute was over management’s refusal to apply the same increases to warehouse and production workers as were paid to drivers. Management had also failed to give a commitment that they will apply the terms of any future national wage agreements to our 14 members”.

The plant in Naas produces and distributes pizza bases to all the Domino’s outlets throughout Ireland.

From Workers Solidarity 93, Sept/Oct 2006

Download the PDF file of WS93