Dub: After Croke Park - Winning the fight - organising together


 A discussion & planning session for everyone who thinks that any attempt by the government to implement pay cuts on public service workers after the Croke Park vote should be met by effective strikes & civil disobedience.

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If the government go ahead and try and impose pay cuts then a sustained strike is the only way to defeat them. We must not be tempted by the apparent easy way out of one day 'general strikes' or work to rules even if both these can also be seen to prepare for a sustained strike. They can survive token strikes, they cannot survive us bringing the country to a halt for a week or more.

This isn't just the fight of public service workers, it is the fight of all workers. Public Service workers are now in the front line of the fight against austerity because they are the best organised, ironic though that may be. They need to look to other groups targeted by austerity including students and the unemployed for solidarity. If they have to enter a sustained strike large scale mass civil disobedience should be carried out alongside such a strike to maximise disruption to transport in particular.

If this makes sense to you come along to this meeting organised by the Workers Solidarity Movement on Weds 8th May at 19.30 in the Teachers Club, 36 Parnell sq