Dub: Conversations about Anarchism - No 3


Join us for the third of our relaxed conversations about anarchism over some tea & coffee.  Twice a month we are going to be having an open discussion about anarchism in the form of a conversation around a set of questions. The idea is to create a space where people interested in finding out about anarchism can have a relaxed conversation with each other. As each sessions we will be working through a set of questions taken from the Anarchist FAQ.

The meetings will take place in the Seomra Spraoi Social Center which is at 10 Belvedere Court, Dublin 1. You'll find a map of where Semora Spraoi is located on their website at http://seomraspraoi.org/

The third session will start at 7.30 on the 2nd November. You don't need to have gone to the other sessions to go to this one. At the end of the last session we drew up five questions to discuss at this one.

The questions for session 3 are
Q1. Why are anarchists in favour of direct action?
Q2. How do we get to an anarchist society
Q3. What types of anarchism are there
Q4. Can anarchism bring about a crimeless society
Q5. How do we resolve conflicts with someone who refuses to co-operate 

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