Dub: Conversations about anarchism - Racism


The 2013 Conversations about Anarchism continues April 4th in the WSM space in Seomra Spraoi. The topic is Anarchism & Racism

Conversations about Anarchism is our friendly discussion based sessions designed for people who are new or fairly new to anarchism and want a chance to ask and hear answered some basic questions. It's open to anyone with an interest in finding out more about anarchism and will take place April 4th, 7.30pm in the Seomra Spraoi social center (map at http://seomraspraoi.org/copy_of_contact-us ).

If you have not already visited Seomra try and arrive early so you have a chance to look around the space & meet some of the great people who keep the project going. The Conversations happens upstairs in the WSM space and downstairs in the Sitting Room :)

Feel free to post suggestions as to what questions you would like discussed in the poll below.

To join in the discussion between events and get notice of future events join the Conversations about Anarchism group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/AnarchistConversations


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