Dublin Anarchist Black Cross takes part in Annual Anti Internment March, dropped banner in Dublin


The Dublin Anarchist Black Cross was in attendance of this year's anti-internment march in Belfast on the 7th August. Prior to the march taking place the state put a block on the march from going ahead refusing to give the march organisers permission to march. This block did not deter people from coming out in support of the march and come out in solidarity with political prisoners in prisons in Ireland.

Over 1,000 people marched from the Busy Bee in Andersonstown in west Belfast, down the Falls Road towards Belfast City Hall. When the march reached the end of the Falls Road the Police had the road blocked with a line/siege of armored Jeeps and armed police preventing the march from reaching its destination.

The march could not go any further, a makeshift platform made from a wooden box was used by speakers to say a few words about the different campaigns they were from. There were speakers from the Justice for The Craigavon Two campaign and the Free Tony Taylor campaign. After the speakers were finished the march ended.

It is the 45th anniversary of internment - administrative detention - imprisonment without trial, which was used to try break a movement that is struggling against British imperialism in Ireland. The decades on since then not a lot has changed in Ireland and through the world, many people still being unjustly locked up and incarcerated..

Police were originally set up by the ruling classes to suppress dissent within the working classes and among slaves in the USA who were attempting to escape slavery. Prisons and all the repressive apparatus of the state are designed to control and pacify the dissent of oppressed people. Only through organised collective action can we overcome these forces to achieve a decent humanity--our ultimate unifying desire.

In the South of Ireland community activists regularly face daily harassment of state forces, the lackeys of British and capitalist imperialism in Ireland. Similar to our republican up north any move for social justice is repressed and isolated through smear campaigns and Gardai harassment of honest, sincere activists.

The campaigns for political prisoners to released and freed is an international campaign for freedom, our suffering comrades in the occupied territories of Palestine to the modern strike against slavery, the Black lives matter movement in the US, ours, the Irish struggle is a historic movement for dignity and human rights.

The struggle for ultimate, complete freedom is not an easy one, many among the crowd that day know intimately the suffering and loss of struggle, the sacrifices made- Without which we would know know no decency or respect in our lives. However those losses cannot be forgotten,the families left behind, a path forward must be forged in respect to their memories.

It is upon all here to move forward for justice and dignity. An injury to one is an injury to all.


Banner drop in Dublin

Ahead of the march Dublin saw a banner drop in solidarity with the incarcerated Craigavon two, from on top the Ambassador Theatre, Parnell St, Dublin by Dublin Anarchist Black Cross.

The aim of today's action was to highlight the serious miscarriage of justice against John Paul Wootton and Brendan McConville, who have been incarcerated for years, under degrading conditions, on spurious and falsified evidence.