DUB: CAHWT protest at Dublin City Council


The first round of letters from Dublin City Council to people in Dublin who have boycotted the unfair and unjust Household Tax are starting to land. Last month we had a very lively protest at the monthly meeting of Dublin City Council.

We were there to remind them that the Household Tax is an Unjust Tax!

This month we are going back to remind them that we are still here and we won't be bullied by Hogan's threatening letters.

The mass boycott of the Household Tax has the Fine Gael/Labour government running scared - we must keep up the boycott, resist the Property Tax and demand Tax Justice!

Please join us on Monday November 5th and please spread the word! Also please note the earlier starting time of 5.30pm so that we can be seen by the Councillors as they arrive at City Hall
!https://www.facebook.com/events/477103625644782/Source : From the Campaign's facebook page:-