Dunnes Stores Closes Store rather than Door in Gorey Co. Wexford


Last Thursday the local branch of Dunnes stores in Gorey Co. Wexford, closed due to an injunction which was brought upon the store by banning the managing agent for the receiver of Gorey shopping center. The injunction was to close the door which leads directly to the car-park. The effect of the door was that customers bypassed the smaller shops in the shopping mall. Dunnes Stores never asked the management for permission to construct the door; it was a clear breach of the lease.

Dunnes Stores on numerous occasions refused to close the door. The management then sought an injunction to force Dunnes Stores to close the door. As a result, Dunnes Stores closed the Gorey branch instead of closing the door. Dunnes remained closed till Monday. Workers in Dunnes Stores and in the small businesses in the shopping mall wait nervously for the matter to be resolved and are still waiting. Dunnes Stores are fully aware and know the effect it has on the shopping mall, it brings in customers that probably would not go there in other circumstances. Dunnes Stores workers protested outside the store for the days it was closed. The Trade Union Mandate which represents 70 of the over 100 Dunnes Stores workers issued an immediate statement when the store closed stating “it was a shocking way to treat the staff”. The union called on Dunnes Stores “to immediately engage and to end the confusion and uncertainty for the workers”.

Dunnes Stores is using its workers as pawns in this dispute with the managers of the shopping center. While this dispute goes on over a 100 workers are waiting in a state of limbo not knowing will they be losing their job and income if the dispute does not get resolved. The workers and their families are the victims in this dispute. It is the typical callous way Dunnes Stores treats its workers.

WORDS: Joe Conlon