13 families to be made homeless on election day to boost landlord profits


On the 18th of February, 13 families who were being housed in an emergency accommodation facility on 54-55 Mountjoy street were handed an eviction notice, ending their tenancy in just 8 days time.

The stated reason for the eviction was an increase in the property’s rent, which DCC claim they will be unable to supply. As the residents are in emergency accommodation, they do not receive protection under the tenants’ rights law.

The media constantly refer to families ‘losing their homes’ as if they had dropped out of their back pockets on the way back from the shops. Homes are not lost, they are taken and the reason they are taken is so that those who already have a huge amount of wealth can have more. Dublin is full of vacant properties that could be used as homes but are kept vacant by their owners.

At least 6 of the families residing in the facility have young children, many of whom are attending local schools in the area. These children are now facing a traumatic removal from a safe and stable environment, continued precarious living arrangements and a disruption to their education.

According to recent figures from Focus Ireland, 134 families became homeless in Dublin in January alone. The last 12 months have seen a 148% increase in families becoming homeless

The date given was the 26th of February, which coincides with the upcoming general election.

Thus far, negotiations with DCC have failed to result in suitable arrangements being provided for all 13 families. In response to this, the families’ are organising a protest against the treatment, which they have received, due to take place on Friday 26th February at 11am outside the facility on Mountjoy Street.

They have issued the following demands:

“1) We are allowed to stay in 54-55 Mountjoy or are properly and securely housed with full tenants rights in alternative accommodation, suitable for children.
2) That DCC and management go into talks with us collectively as a campaign.
3) All people are granted adequate and protected housing rights, tenancy protection and the safety of a home.”

A rally in support of the 13 families will take place tomorrow at 11:00 at 54-55 Mountjoy Street