Families Resisting Being Made Homeless for Profit - DCC & Building Occupied


The families who were being housed in an emergency accommodation facility on 54-55 Mountjoy street and were to be evicted today have been fighting back. Yesterday afternoon they occupied the DCC offices, demanding that officals talk to them collectively.  And this morning they occupied the buidling they are being evicted from, hanging banners from the upper floor as a solidarity protest took place below.

Yesterday they occupied the offices of DCC demanding stable accommodation and that DCC negotiate with them collectively rather than individually.  Council officals talked to families but they said they would only talk if families came in seperately to talk. So families are talking with officials seperatly but bringing a witness in with them. Then after all have talked all the families collectively discussed what they will do.

They collectively decided to not accept any of the offers from the council just yet. They  decided to leave DCC to go and talk about it all back in the place they are staying to talk privately about away from the council. Each family was offered different things, and all were fairly vague offers.

This morning a protest had been called outside the buildings they were being evicted from.  Shortly after the protest began they occupied the building and hung a banner from the top floor. 

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