Join the Fight for Housing this Tuesday - march on the Dail


To mark the return of the government this Tuesday, there will be a protest held outside the bureaucratic central body of the Irish state (the Dail). Once again the state is trying to brush the housing and homeless problem under the carpet. Last we have seen the unavailing of the states answer to the problem, modular housing units (prefabs). Although this is a step forward for the state to go towards creating more social housing, it is not sufficient for long-term solution to the housing and homeless problem.

There is no doubt these prefab housing units will give individuals and families a better standard of living that are homeless, living in hotel or B&B rooms, sofa surfing, parks and streets (for a few years anyway). Hopefully the government is working towards creating more solutions. Social housing still needs to be built or created i.e. houses and apartments (or even just fix up and open some of the 300,000 vacant homes round the country); rent caps are needed to prevent people from becoming homeless because of not being able to afford rent

While modeler housing units are being implemented, rents and evictions are rising, families and individuals that are becoming homeless are being still being left with nowhere to go, NAMA are leaving good homes empty, the government and the state bureaucracy are allowing this to happen.

You must ask yourself, why is the government allowing this to go on? Isn’t the government meant to represent the interests of the people? The truth is, the government doesn't represents anyone, the state and the government are the tools of the ruling elite to implement the criminal elites neo-liberal policies and as a tools to keep the people weak and passive.

Join the protest this Tuesday, pressure needs to be kept on the rich and greedy. The fight continues.
“On the 22nd of September the Dail is back. The Government hopes to brush this housing and homeless crisis under the carpet. We wont let them.

We now have 1185 children homeless while homes lie vacant. Rents on the rise while wages are only dropping. Eviction on the rise with nowhere for families to go. This is far past the point of crisis.
Stand with us on the 22nd. The Homeless, those in and facing housing uncertainty, housing activists, Communities, supporters, and all those who want to see housing need put before greed.
Bring your pots and pans, make some noise.

We will gather at the GPO and march from there to the Dail
Invite all your friends and share the event page.” – Irish Housing Network