Final Hacktivism Lecture


Wojtek Bogusz will be speaking at this weeks knowledge lecture at the Exchange, Dublin. He'll be talking about digital rights, freedom of communcation and privacy for human rights activists and journalists. Wojtek is a digital security consultant, providing training and advice to human rights activists on how to increase the privacy and freedom of communication in repressive environments.

He currently works for the Dublin based Front Line, an international foundation for the protection of Human Rights defenders. He is also the co-author and project leader of Security in a Box’a toolkit of software and guides for improving computer security and privacy. He is a devoted practitioner of Free and Open Source Software and was the project leader of the Tactical Technology Collective from January 2003 to April 2006, preparing and organising workshops for developers, NGO activists and technical consultants across the world.

This lecture is really exciting and should be very worthwhile for anyone involved in activism, protesting or rights. It is especially relevant in the context of the on going treatment of protestors at Corrib.

Date: Sunday the 10th of April

Time 12:30pm

Location : The Exchange, Temple Bar, Dublin 2