Freedom Flotilla and Gaza Blockade - Radio Solidarity Prog. 5

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Listen in to Radio Solidarity Program no. 5  available on the Near FM podcast site where we concentrate on the recent events around Palestine and the ongoing blockade of Gaza by Israel.

We have three interviews with activists in this show who’ve worked on the issue.  Firstly we speak to Freda Hughes from the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign and ask her what they’ve been doing since the blockade began.

Then we speak to Ewa Jasiewicz who is a co-ordinator with the Free Gaza movement. We ask her about her time working as a paramedic during the invasion of Gaza by Israel known as operation Cast Lead.  

We finish with an extensive interview with Fintan Lane, an Irishman who was on the 'Challenger One' ship as part of the International Freedom Flotilla which attempted to break the blockade of Gaza, which was subsequently attacked and arrested by Israeli Defence Forces in international waters.

Other links that you may wish to check out are:

The UN Goldstone Report and The attack on the Mavi Marmara is told in detail by the eyewitness – lawyer, Fatima Mohammad.

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