Galway Feminists Banner Drop off Cathedral


A few days ago the catholic bishops yet again dared to lecture people in Ireland with their statement against marriage equality. This morning Díobháil, a new Galway feminist group, has used Galway cathedral to speak out for and help the women trapped in unwanted pregnancies because of the bishops' role in another referendum, the 1983 anti choice referendum. 

In the years since 1983 it emerged that the same bishops had conspired to hide priests who had raped children, not just on one or two but on many occasions. Despite that this same group of supposedly celibate men still continue to bother us with lectures opposing sexual freedom, bodily autonomy and even same sex relationships. The same bishops still have de facto control over most of our schools and many of our hospitals and community centres. 

Thanks to that 1883 referendum and pre existing anti-choice legislation tens of thousands of women have been forced to travel to the UK for an abortion and an unknown number have had to go through with an unwanted pregnancy because they could not travel. Some have died as a result of being unable to access an abortion in Ireland. Abortion remains impossible to access in almost all circumstances. Women who use abortion pills in the south and those who help them, risk prison sentences of 14 years for doing so, thanks to legislation introduced by the Labour Party in the current coalition government.

This morning, Díobháil posted photos of the banner drop this morning on the cathedral onto their Facebook page.

The statement that accompanied the photos reads
"At 7 am on the 6th of December, a group of feminist, pro-choice activists known as Díobháil dropped a banner which reads: "Need an abortion? Safe pills -" from the cathedral in Galway, Ireland. 

The aim is to spread the word of the invaluable work that womenonweb.orgdo; assisting women all around the globe in acquiring the essential medical care that they so desperately need. Nowhere is this more relevant than in Ireland, where access to abortion continues to be denied. The current legislation fails women, and women are still forced to resort to travelling abroad every day, or resorting to more dangerous methods, or going through enforced pregnancies. supplies safe, accessible abortion pills effective up until nine weeks via their website and with the assistance of dedicated volunteers, who support women throughout the entire process. We want to raise awareness of their existence so that women in Ireland, and in other countries with restrictive and dangerous reproductive regimes, know that there is a safe alternative in

We demand safe, free, legal access to abortion services and reproductive justice in Ireland now. Trust women, trust our choices"

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