Global Day of Action Against Starbucks - Belfast Picket


Organise! and the Belfast branch of the Workers Solidarity Movement and supporters picketed Starbucks in Belfast city centre today from 12 to 1 pm.Despite the miserable weather around 12 people joined the picket and leafleted passers by and potential customers outside the coffee shop. At the start of the picket 3 people had gone inside to leaflet customers and staff. There was a very positive response to the picket ,however, one person was falsely accused of assaulting a Starbuck's member of staff after leafleting staff and customers inside. If this is Starbucks treatment towards a normal picket, one has to ask questions regarding their attitude towards their own workers? This threatening behaviour by Starbucks bosses towards the picket will not be tolerated and will only increase our determination and resolve to raise awareness, oppose Starbucks union busting activities and build solidarity with fellow Starbucks workers.

Solidarity is Strength!