Government & Revenue Commissioners’ spin & intimidation will not break property tax boycott


Campaigners against the property tax have condemned government “spin and intimidation aimed at trying to force people to pay the property tax” and said that it is clear that huge numbers of people are prepared to resist the threats and refuse to pay the tax.

“Figures from Minister Phil Hogan last week show that even still approximately 600,000 households are refusing to pay last year’s household tax,” said Gregor Kerr, spokesperson for Campaign Against Home and Water Taxes (CAHWT). “With just a day to go to the first deadline for registration for the property tax, approx 80% of householders have failed to register. It is clear that there is a massive revolt under way against this tax right across the country.”

“The government is spending a small fortune of taxpayers’ money on radio, TV and newspaper ads to attempt to encourage people to pay,” said Cllr. Ruth Coppinger of CAHWT. “In addition we have seen loads of supposed news-stories that are aimed at creating the impression that everyone is paying. But people are not going to be intimidated by threats or fooled by spin. They see the home tax as an unfair austerity tax and are determined to resist it. Government politicians can expect protests against this tax to be stepped up in coming weeks.”

WORDS: CAHWT press release