Grangegorman Squatter on Why Dunnes Strike Should Be Supported


One of the tricks of the media & politicians is to try and create conflict between protesters. So for instance in coverage of the Grangegorman eviction resistance you'll see the suggestion that squatters don't work while many workers can't afford rent.

Of course as soon as those workers try and take action to better their conditions as the Dunnes workers will be doing by striking tomorrow then the media makes them the enemy, threatening the recovery, being greedy or some such nonsense. If they keep us divided then they stay in power and with most of the media either state owned or owned by the richest 1% the divide and rule method is one that gets a lot of use.

In this context we asked one of the Grangegorman squatters what she thought of the Dunnes strike. Incidentally the same person was very involved in the water charges meter resistance in the area around Xmas.

She said "I worked for Dunnes for a short period when I was in college and they totally sucked! The management were assholes who treated staff like they were nothing. They would roster you on for double shifts and if you complained they would imply you had to do it or you would lose your job.

I totally support this strike. Minimum wage jobs are the worst because you are treated like you are worthless and instantly replaceable, especially when it comes to big corporations like Dunnes."

She is off this morning to get some Dunnes strike posters from Mandate for the gate but in the meantime we photoshopped the robot. The word robot is Czech for worker so we are sure it would agree.