Successful gig fundraiser for Dublin Shell to Sea

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Just a very brief report on the Dublin Shell to Sea gig last night (Friday 29th February) – A really good turn out of eighty or so paying customers on a maggoty, windy, rain spattered night – about eight WSM members spotted by this observer! I think roughly 500 euros was made by Dublin Shell to Sea. I took no pics so yea’ll have to do with ones lifted from myspace! First up were Section 4 of the Criminal Justice act featuring Rosport Camp Veteran Bob on bass. The lads sort of worked cleverly around the basic braces and boots Oi formula – incorporating all sorts of funky guitar and bass work – including an “oi-ified” version of the Bosco Theme tune. Bob has promised to right more lyrics to put in between the “Oi” s soon. They also did some incredibly nice skankin’

Next up Hounds – or at least two of em on drums and guitar. This was the one the musos had been waiting for and beards were stroked and heads nodded with fierce intensity. The bass player and second guitarist (also the legendary Alen chief banjo plucker of Spook of the thirteenth Lock and the man behind the Ballroom of Romance nights in Dublin ) manage to simply “hot swap” in and keep playing. Complex rhythm’s (the drummer was genius) and swirling psychedelic guitars riffage were the order of the day from a fairly extraordinarily talented bunch of lads.

I was hoping for one of the greatest contrasts in style in Rock and Roll history when You’re Only Massive took to the crowded stage – with 2 decks and two mikes. Two young, insanely fun ladies from Waterford – who came all the way up on the Bus – Intense respect! They were easily the band of the night for this reporter as the narrow space in front of the stage quickly packed full of writhing bodies. Rhymnin’ and singin’ over an ingenious cut n paste mélange of sugary four four house, electro and techno – they were brilliant despite only having virtual hoola hoops this time around!
“Suga Shake the cool away” was delivered to an uproar – I even saw punks shakin’ about – Hey maybe we didn’t have all that much cool to loose!?

Eve (WSM, RAG and Dublin Shell to Sea!) delivered a brilliant short but punchy speech – reminding everyone to get to the Public meeting on March 13th

Finally Herv with laptop and a lovely silver and red effects module. As usual the Hervster was intense, fast and fun seeming to enjoy himself as much, if not more then the entire audience put together. He had new tunes more four and four in texture and almost trancey. A few of the classics off his “Customer” master work (sold out it is!) were delivered by request and it was a sweaty end to an excellent night…

1. Thanks to all the bands for playin’ for nothing – especially You’re Only Massive for coming all the way up on the bus that evening!
2. Cheers to Damo and Barry from the Lower Deck
3. Thanks to everyone (including several WSM members) who helped out getting bands, amps, gear, posters, advertising and doing the door on the night.
You’re Only Massive!

Dublin Shell to Sea public meeting with Micheál Ó Seighin. , Patricia Mc kenna and Frank Connolly in the ATGWU hall Thursday March 13th – 8pm – Will be posted as an event shortly just waiting to confirm!