Homeless march on the opening of the Dail


The opening of the Dail was marked by protests by organisations campaigning on housing and homelessness and by over the top policing of them.  Steel fences and dozens of Garda were used to hem a crowd that was probably never larger than 120 into the end of Molesworth street, presumably least any TD have to interact with them as they sought to flee the Dail.

The Irish Housing Network had earlier organised a homeless led march from the GPO to the Dail via the Boardwalk.   About 50 homeless people took part in the march which peacefully passed up Kildare street and around Merrion row to the back of the Dail. 

Shortly after they passed that Garda shoved people gathering for another housing protest off Kildare street and closed the gates on the steel fence they had erected - supplied by a Denis O’Brien owned company.  RTE reported scuffles had taken place, as can be seen from our video this was in fact a large number of Garda attacking a small group of people in order to close a gate in the steel fence.

A number of people spoke at the Dail (see other videos) as dozens of Garda watched them over the fence.

Ahead of the protest the Irish Housing Network had said “The Government hopes to brush this housing and homeless crisis under the carpet. We wont let them. We now have 1185 children homeless while homes lie vacant. Rents on the rise while wages are only dropping. Eviction on the rise with nowhere for families to go. This is far past the point of crisis.”

In advance of the protest we had written “You must ask yourself, why is the government allowing this to go on? Isn’t the government meant to represent the interests of the people? The truth is, the government doesn't represents anyone, the state and the government are the tools of the ruling elite to implement the criminal elites neo-liberal policies and as a tools to keep the people weak and passive.”

WORDS & VIDEO: Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter )