Anti-Household Tax Campaign Gathers Momentum in Cork


Cork city and county Anti-Household Tax Campaign rounded off an excellent eight days' work by holding protests in Ballincollig and outside Cork's City Hall this Friday to coincide with taoiseach Enda Kenny's visit to the south. Following on from the massively successful public meeting in the city last Thursday 26th January, 200 people spent well over 2 hours noisily picketing a Chamber of Commerce banquet at City Hall yesterday evening to let Mr. Kenny know the depth of opposition to the Household Tax in the city. Earlier in the day, another 50 people picketed the Oriel House hotel in the commuter belt town of Ballincollig, where he attended another gathering of business people.

Along with the spectrum of political parties and groups already involved in the mass non-registration and mass non-payment campaign, there was a significant participation in the protest by members of Sinn Féin, accompanied by city councillor Chris O'Leary. It is encouraging to see this participation alongside the major campaign already underway, and as the campaign grows apace perhaps much greater involvement by SF could happen.

Several campaign banners were on display last night, including one from the west of the county, as well as a banner from the Shell to Sea campaign, reminding people present that the onerous debt burden placed on us all by the capitalist gambling of the Chamber of Commerce invitees and their likes is dwarfed by the hundreds of billions of euros of potential energy wealth given away by successive Irish governments. Several of the workers fron the Vita Cortex factory occupation were also in attendance to give support to the campaign, themselves having met Mr. Kenny earlier in the day regarding their dispute with runaway boss Jack Ronan.  Numerous hand-made placards were also prominent, and drums and megaphones kept up a din that made sure that the Cork 'business elite' could not entirely ignore the protestors outside, no matter how much they tried. Cups of tasty soup were also on hand to help keep picketers warm on what was a cold night on which a light sleet fell.

Important as protest activity is in building profile for the campaign locally and nationally, the real work of organising in our communities is proceeding at a growing pace, as members continue to canvass door-to-door in their neighbourhoods and distribute campaign materials and information. A packed schedule of public meetings this coming fortnight will see six public meetings in Cork city and neighbouring towns, with more meetings happening in the east and west of the county. People should keep an eye out for advertising posters and flyers for these in their neighbourhoods (and letterboxes!), and more information about the campaign can be found at 1890 98 98 00.