Anti Household tax protest at city hall in Dublin


Over 100 people took part in a picket at City Hall in Dublin last night to protest the Household tax.  The protest was timed to  coincide with a motion opposing the household tax proposed by Cllrs Louise Minihan, Cieran Perry, Pat Dunne and Brid Smith.

Over the last coups of weeks dozens of local meetings of the campaign have taken place across the country with many attracting 100's of attendees.  This is a key moment in the campaign as the governement try and force people to register for the tax.  In the region of 95% of people have refused to do so to date - a very good sign that indicates a victory is fully possible.

The Household Tax can be defeated by mass non registration and mass non payment but this does mean organising every street and road in the country.  The first step in opposing the tax is to refuse to register yourself but to win you must organise with your neighboors - if we all stand together we will win.

WORDS & IMAGES: Andrew Flood

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