How we Won Repeal - audio from #DABF 2018

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One day in May we Repealed the 8th amendment. It is three months later. It is 35 years later. Now that the dust is settling this session of the 2018 Dublin Anarchist bookfair reflected on the struggle of abortion rights in Ireland, and in particular the abortion referendum. [audio]

What did we do well?
What did we do badly?
What did we learn?

What should we have done differently?

Speakers: Fionnghuala Nic Roibeaird (Rally for Choice), Maire Ni Mhordha (WSM), Mary Coogan (ARC Dublin), Kathy Darcy (Arc Cork)

The conversation covers; 

  • experiences of canvassing,
  • tensions in the campaign between local groups and HQ,
  • the messaging of the campaign,
  • importance of time & space resources,
  • problems with political parties using the campaign to harvest activists,
  • the challenge of working in very broad campaigns for anarchists,
  • the use of Savitas image in the context of racism in Ireland,
  • the emotional cost of the campaign,
  • women get shit done.

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