Over 500 at Cork city meeting Against the Household tax


Arriving at 6.45 to help set up the room Mick informs me there have been 22 phone calls to the hotel to ask what time the meeting is starting. The room has capacity for 290 sitting. We know there is going to be a problem. By 8 the room is full beyond capacity, people are all along the aisles, backed against the walls and spilling into the corridor, an overflow room is full. 500 at least. Campaign activists are collecting names and distributing literature.  Almost 200 people sign up for membership, over 100 for activity in local groups and another 300 put themselves on the contact list. Hundreds of window posters, car stickers and newsletters are taken.

Karen Doyle from Cobh opens with her story "I am a housewife , a mother of three. " Never previously involved in protests she joined because she saw that people need to stand up for what is right. She quotes Enda Kennys previous opposition to a home tax he said it was "morally wrong and unjust. Unfortunately he has changed his mind , but we haven't."

Joe Higgins delivered the main address warning of the tax being the thin end of the wedge. Clearly identifying the purpose of this tax as targetting the working class to pay the debts of the  banks.  Importantly he placed the struggle in the context of the fight against austerity not just in Ireland but across Europe uniting the working class in all countries in resistance to the attempt to foist the burden of pain unto us all.  Joe Moore chairing drew attention to the presence of Veta Cortex, La Senza and Employment Resource Centre workers in the crowd givig rise to a huge round of applause.

James McBarron rounded off the speakers from the platform urging people to get involved in the campaign and insure that the government was put in fear of the people.  Lively contributions frrom the floor and enthusiastic take up of material and membership made this one of the best meetings of the campaign thus far.  It was also the largest meeting thus far in the country.  The campaign in Cork city and county has been greatly boosted by the turn out and the large number of people willing to get active.