Indonesia: Workers occupy Securicor


Indonesian workers employed by global security giant Securicor have been through a lot. Over a year ago, they took the decision to strike – and were promptly (and illegally) sacked by the company. Since then, they have tried to win back their jobs.Most recently, the Supreme Court of their country has ruled in their favour. So the struggle is now over, right? Surely a multinational corporation is not going to ignore a SupremeCourt ruling ...
But Securicor is refusing to give the workers their jobs back - and the workers have decided to occupy the company’s offices in Jakarta.

These workers have been through a tremendous struggle -- a strike, lengthy court battles, and now an audacious act of defiance by occupying Securicor’s offices. They have appealed through their sister unions to trade unionists around the world to send off a simple message to the company demanding that it give them their jobs back.

If you have internet access, please take a moment and send off your message now.
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This article is from
Workers Solidarity 92, published June/July 2006

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