Irish Water bills may be refunded


Since it's such a nice day, the Labour Party have some good news for you. They'd like to give back all the money they took from those who paid their Irish Water bills. That's quite a turnaround for Fine Gael's junior partner but they say it's because they don't want people "feeling mugged".

This may be good news for the many people, particularly elderly people, who paid out of fear as a result of media and government scare tactics over the past year and a half.

The majority of people understood what was going on and refused to pay even more of their hard earned money in order to fund a government attempt to privatise our water infrastructure so private investors could reap billions in profits.

A minority paid because of the tired old precept of 'It's the Law'. These people do not deserve their money back but it may be that they will get it back, due solely to the efforts.of water charge campaigners.

Others said "We have to pay for our water", despite the fact that we already pay for water through general taxation. Any additional sums should be generated through central, progressive taxation.

So the government parties are forced to retreat, and we advance. This battle is by no means over but considering the forces arrayed against us when this all kicked off we're doing well. Government parties are backing down, the media propaganda offensive against us has largely subsided and the campaign we've built shows no signs of quitting either.

We've all learned a huge amount through this campaign and will no doubt be putting our networks, experience, skills and energy to good use in future battles against governments, the state, private capital and their minions. But in the mean time, don't let your guard down, the fight against Irish Water is not won yet.

Well done to all the water charges campaigners and boycotters who's efforts have taken us to this favorable position, you're all brilliant!

Make sure to buy yourself an ice cream.