Kildare Palestine Solidarity Action in Tesco - Boycott Israeli Goods


Yesterday, members of the Kildare Palestine Solidarity Campaign carried out a boycott Israeli goods action in Tescos in Newbridge. This fairly straightforward action consists of a group entering the store with a trolley or two and filling them up with all the Israeli goods that they can find and then bringing these to the customer service desk and making a formal complaint to management.

Included in the haul were Israeli produced grapefruit, cosmetic products and baby potatoes which Tescos were asked by activists to cease purchasing and stocking due to the ongoing state of illegal occupation and apartheid in Palestine. This action follows on from the previous one in the same store that took place on Thursday 2nd April 2015.

Local actions such as these are part of the growing global campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) that form part of the worldwide response to Israel's ongoing brutalisation and exploitation of the Palestinian people. The campaigners intend to return as many times as necessary so that Tescos, and other retailers, get the message that stocking goods from a racist colonial power will not be tolerated in Kildare, or Ireland.

If you are in Kildare and would like to get involved please contact the Kildare Palestine Solidarity Campaign through their Facebook page here: