Dub: Knowledge Exchange - Free Lectures on Hacktivism and more!


Knowledge is an open collective group that aims to bring education and learning to everyone.

To help breakthrough these obstacles and open learning to everyone Knowledge proposes to run seasons of free public lectures. These short courses will be presented by lecturers who are already well versed in the given area. There are no barriers to taking part and the lectures will be free form, shaped as much by those who come as by the those giving them.

The season will start on Sunday 27th of March at 1pm (some posters say 12.30pm, if you come early we'll give you apple tart!) and run every Sunday for 8 weeks @ Exchange Dublin. Everyone is welcome! If you want more information or if you would be interested in participating in the next season email: info@knowledgeexchange.ie

This week's lecture will be on Hacktivism, the first in a 3 part course, people can join the course at any point so if you can't make the first feel free to come to any of the others!

See poster below for lecture schedule.

Knowledge Exchange Poster

More info at : http://knowledge.exchangedublin.ie/